My Reading List

In the interest of attaining constant, never-ending improvement for myself, I’ve decided that I should read a set amount each and every day. Shane Parrish has written about this on his blog Farnam Street, calling it The Buffett Formula — How To Get Smarter.

When I first started this in late 2014, I set my goal at 15 minutes a day. Sounds paltry, but hey, 15 minutes is (for the most part) easy to squeeze out of even the busiest of days.

After a little while, I began to see a problem with this method. Primarily, that 15 minutes would only cover a handful of pages if I’m faced with distractions. So I changed my daily goal to 20 pages instead. And thus far, it’s worked out pretty well.

I’ll try to keep this page updated with what I’m currently reading (and just in case I fail, you can always take a peek at Goodreads). Down below, you will see a list of the books I have read.

Currently Reading

  • The Coaching Habit
  • Money: Master the Game
  • Tools of Titans
  • Peace
  • Expert Secrets
  • Me, Inc.

Read in 2017 (13)

May (1)

April (2)

March (1)

February (2)

January (7)

Read in 2016 (21)

December (2)

November (0!)

October (1)

September (5)

August (1)

July (0!)

June (1)

May (1)

April (3)

March (3)

February (2)

January (2)

Read in 2015 (43)

December (2)

November (2)

October (7)

*This book was read as included in the 3-book volume The Executive in Action

September (1)

August (2)

July (1)

June (5)

May (6)

April (5)

March (5)

February (2)

January (5)

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