Lost Yourself? How About a Walkabout.

the road not takenIf you’re not careful, you can lose yourself in the world. You get too busy with things, not busy enough with yourself! You’ll spend your days and nights living someone else’s agendas, fighting someone else’s battles and you’re doing the work someone else wants you to be doing, but everyday there’s less and less of you in it all! Till one day, you come to a fork in the road, and because you’re distracted, you’re not thinking. You lose yourself. You go right, and the rest of you, the really important parts of you, goes left! And you don’t even know that you’ve done it till you realize, you finally realize, that you don’t have any idea who you really are when you’re not doing all those things! That’s when you need to clear yourself by following “The Dude Way” and go on a Walkabout.

By going Walkabout. You just leave everything, and you start walking. The idea of the Walkabout comes from the Aborigines. The theory is, if you’re separated from yourself, you start walking and you keep walking until you meet yourself. Then you sit down, and you have a very long talk with your inner Dude. Talk about everything that you’ve learned, everything that you’ve felt, and you talk until you’ve run out of words. Now, that’s vital, because the real important things can’t be said. And then, if you’re lucky, you look up, and there’s just you. The Dude. And then you can go home and share your Dudeness with the world.

This post is from a comment by Nelson Templar on the Dudeism website.

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