What I’m Doing Now

Inspired by Derek Sivers and his nownownow.com site, I’m adding this page to my site with the best of intentions to keep it regularly updated.

Earning money browsing the web

I’ve had the Brave browser installed on various systems for quite some time, but I’ve not really dedicated a ton of browsing time to it. Until recently, that is.

On my *nix systems, I tend to use Firefox. I’ve been primarily using a Mozilla based browser since the Netscape 4.x days. Back when Netscape ruled the roost and was winning the browser wars handily. Of course, we know how that ultimately turned out.

Regardless, I went from Netscape, to Mozilla, to Firefox, to Seamonkey, and back to Firefox. And I’ve mostly stuck with it over the years, with the exception of the time before Opera switched to being Chromium based. I loved the old (pre-Chromium) Opera. And also on the Mac and iPhone, I tend to stick with Safari there.

I flirted with Chrome for a bit when it was brand new, but there were so many issues I never stuck with it seriously (aside from work, where I use it regularly). I flirted with Maxthon browser a bit on Windows as well, but never stuck with it very long. I also have used Vivaldi off and on since its inception, but haven’t stuck with it as a daily browser due to a rather annoying issue (opening a new tab with a middle click doesn’t activate that tab, it opens it in the background — I’ve since fixed this with an extension).

Anyways, the last week or so, I’ve been spending more time using Brave as my daily browser. And I’ve found it to be a mostly enjoyable experience. Of course I had to fix the new tab on middle click issue I referenced above, but once I corrected that then it’s been a mostly smooth experience.

Brave seems to be an overall good browser. I’ll write more on it later as well. I’ve also been using Vivaldi a bit more lately, so I have plenty to write about when it comes to browsers.

Updated March 23rd, 2022 from Bellevue, Nebraska