What I’m Doing Now

Inspired by Derek Sivers and his nownownow.com site, I’m adding this page to my site with the best of intentions to keep it regularly updated.

Evaluating private notes

I’ve recently learned about Notesnook, and after a few days of tinkering with it, I subscribed to their professional version. It’s a fantastic open source end-to-end encrypted notes application.

I’ve also had a Standard Notes account for several years. Unfortunately I missed out on upgrading right before their pricing model changed to something I felt was a tad bit expensive, but overall you get all the features of SN for free, except the different editors and formatting tools. And file uploads, come to think of it. None the less, I decided to upgrade to the paid professional plan here as well, to try that out.

Ultimately it boils down to supporting two small teams that are making two really great products. I’m working on a written review of both, and once that’s done, I will compare the two.

Updated May 3rd, 2023 from Bellevue, Nebraska