Why MUHDash Must Be Rewritten

MUHDash is the custom written customer dashboard for myunixhost.com. And it must be rewritten.

The reason why is simple. When it was originally written, it was done so in a fragmented fashion. Each page is a separate program, which has to include other resources. When I first wrote MUHDash, it made sense. But it no longer does. Adding features requires duplicating a whole lot of work, and that’s just plain silly from a programming perspective.

So instead, I planned to re-write MUHDash with a common core, thereby making adding new features incredibly easy.

Then I got involved in writing Aneuch, a wiki engine. And I had a great idea. With the goal of turning Aneuch into a “platform that a wiki engine is built on,” I could use its core to power the new MUHDash.

So anyways, that’s where I’m at. Once version 0.40 is released, I’ll be able to fully get the MUHDash re-write going.

Thanks for your patience!

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