The Spark That Ignited the World

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything, and that sucks. Paradoxically, that’s ok.

It seems a bit wrong to talk about sparks when part of the country is literally burning, but honestly, that’s kinda what got me thinking about this.

All it took to arrive at a massive fire is one little spark. (Ok, so I’m greatly simplifying. Bear with me here.)

Leo Babauta wrote A Short Guide to Starting, if You’re Struggling and it’s great advice. Read it over.

The idea is to start small. A spark. And watch it become a raging inferno.

Haven’t written a journal entry (or blog post) in years? Write one sentence.

Haven’t worked out in a decade? Get down and do just one push-up.

Whatever it is, take some small action, now. And let it turn into a monster.

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