The Spark That Ignited the World

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything, and that sucks. Paradoxically, that’s ok. It seems a bit wrong to talk about sparks when part of the country is literally burning, but honestly, that’s kinda what got me thinking about this. All it took to arrive at a massive fire is one little spark. (Ok, … Read more »

Desire More Success For Others Than For Yourself

Most important by far is that you be able to care about others’ success more than your own. Everyone around you needs to ultimately become better than you. That’s how you lead. The light is in front of you and you take them to the light and then go back. If all the people around … Read more »

The Three Most Inspirational Words in the English Language

I recently came across an interesting video, and I want you to watch it along with me: Those three words “you’re gonna die” I think qualify as the three most inspirational words in the English language. Nothing else could possibly inspire you enough to make you want to guarantee you won’t have any regrets when … Read more »