My Principles

Goals. Everywhere you turn, someone is telling you that the secret to success is setting goals. Hell, I’ve even mentioned them a time or two. But there’s something else that can be even more powerful than setting and achieving goals, and that is defining your principles. You see, it’s easy to set goals. It’s harder … Read more »

When the going gets tough, what keeps you going?

Remember that phrase “When the going gets tough, the tough get going?” I do. I don’t even remember when the first time I heard it was. But it pops up in my head every now and again. The problem with that is, it’s missing something. Not that I’m saying we need to change the phrase. … Read more »

Life is Easy. Living is Hard.

We’ve been told our whole lives that life is hard, but it’s not. Life is incredibly easy if you skate by. Living, truly living — chasing a dream and truly living — is hard. Living is a bitch. The wealthiest place on the planet isn’t in the far east where there’s oil in the ground, … Read more »

How Sucking Isn’t as Bad as You Think

This is probably going to seem to run counter to everything you might hold near and dear. After all, I’m supposed to be all about improvement, right? We constantly hear about improving ourselves, getting better, this and that. But I’m here to tell you that it’s OK to suck. Sometimes. I mean, don’t go out … Read more »

Can Technology Change Your Life for the Better?

Technology has long promised to make our lives simpler, easier, more organized, the list goes on. But does it really deliver? I recently purchased the Microsoft Band. Actually, it’ll be two weeks on Sunday. I never really saw myself getting into the fitness wearables rage, but I’ve got to admit, this thing is pretty cool. … Read more »

The Staying Power of Minor Annoyances

Why in the world does something so small have such a large impact on us? Wondering where I’m going with this? Well, allow me to fill in the details. Lately I’ve found myself becoming increasingly annoyed by traffic issues. I’ll give you a few examples. There’s the time I’m turning onto a road, in a … Read more »