There Is Only Hit.

I first heard this quote from Alan Watts. It’s in reference to a zen saying of sorts, that “there is only hit.” When a zen master hits you while meditating, that is reality. Or something of that nature.

Basically, what it boils down to, is whatever it happening in this moment is the only reality there is. If you’re being hit, there is only hit.

If you’re being driven insane by your children, then there is only insanity.

If you’re mad, there’s only anger.

If you’re feeling defeated, then there is only defeat.

It sounds terrible, frankly, to think of it in that way at times. But none the less, it’s also helpful to remind you to enjoy the mundane. Life exists in the present; in the here and now. Life only exists in what is happening in this moment. That’s it.

Life doesn’t exist in the dreams I have. It doesn’t exist in the way I wish things were. It only exists in the way things are.

And that’s perfectly OK. There’s nothing wrong with that.

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