Can Technology Change Your Life for the Better?

Technology has long promised to make our lives simpler, easier, more organized, the list goes on. But does it really deliver?

I recently purchased the Microsoft Band. Actually, it’ll be two weeks on Sunday. I never really saw myself getting into the fitness wearables rage, but I’ve got to admit, this thing is pretty cool.

Like most office workers, I don’t move around too often. But because that’s usual, I don’t get too many reminders about it (aside from the expanding waist line, or the ever-increasing numbers on the scale). But there’s no escaping it with this thing. Take a look at my week so far:


I’m not exactly setting any records here. I’ve kept the step goal on the default setting of 5,000 a day for now. I figured I’d ease myself into it. Despite the fact that I’ve only hit that goal 50% of the time this week (so far anyways), it’s better than setting the goal to, say, 10,000, and missing it 100% of the time.

As they say, a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step…

This thing also keeps track of other activities, such as running, biking, and sleep. Yes, if you ever wonder why you’re tired after a “full nights’ sleep,” wonder no more. The Band will be sure to let you know why your sleep wasn’t so great.

Microsoft is promising even more to come with its integrated health platform. As for now, you can see the data, but I understand that in the future you’ll actually get insights into that data (such as how your schedule affects your sleep patterns, etc).

But, bottom line, does this new piece of tech have the potential to change my life?

I think it just might.

I’ve already noticed wanting to walk around more, to get that step count up. I’ve also started parking further out in parking lots, just so I have to walk more to get where I’m going.

I suppose only time can tell just how much of an impact this device will really have, but for now, it’s making fitness fun for me.

You can find a good review of the device at

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