The Way Attachment Works Is Silly

Lama YesheCONSIDER THIS: Imagine we’re in a room and a friend comes in with a delicious cake and gives it to only one person, who then sits there eating it without sharing it with the rest of us. We’re going to be upset, aren’t we? We’re going to be completely jealous and angry. That’s how our minds are. Instead of rejoicing in another’s joy — “Isn’t he kind? He brought a delicious cake all this way for that person. I really hope she enjoys it!” — we feel hurt that we missed out. Check the psychology here. On the surface it looks as if our reaction is all about the cake, but if we go into it more deeply we’ll find  that our minds are really thinking, “What I want is for me to be happy. I don’t want her to be happy.” When you see this clearly, just as attachment, it has less power over you.

When the Chocolate Runs Out, Lama Yeshe

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