The 10 Day Mental Diet Challenge – Day 1

As I wrote in the intro, I’m chronicling my journey on the 10 day mental diet challenge.

Today was day 1. The result?

I totally failed.

Well, I shouldn’t say totally. I actually made it almost the entire day.

Then I’m driving home from work, it’s almost 10pm (I had my team meeting tonight, and conducted 1 on 1’s with my night shift employees) and I get a phone call. We’ve got a problem.

We’ve got a process we perform for a customer, that’s a very critical, very high-visibility process. We’ve handled it successfully without incident for 14 months. And all of a sudden, in the last month or so, we’ve had some problems. And it turns out that today, we had more problems.

Luckily some of the night crew proactively noticed the problem, and began taking steps to correct it.

Unfortunately for me however, I wasn’t exactly very mindful of my present state of mind, and allowed myself to think negatively for well over a minute.

So, I’m chalking day one up as a failure. Tomorrow, I begin day 1. Again. Wish me luck!

Are you participating in the 10 day mental diet challenge? Let me know how you did below.

5 thoughts on “The 10 Day Mental Diet Challenge – Day 1”

  1. Pretty much the same story at my end.

    Though the day was productive but I didn’t get any quality ‘me’ time. Thinking about it now, it wasn’t that bad w expect better from myself.

    Restarting the counter to day 1!

  2. Day 1, Apr 2016

    Went off fine, I set out some time out for myself at work, that helped me to focus on ‘deep work’. Also, I consciously tried not to let my mind wander off.
    On the way bac home, bought some flowers for my wife so all in all a good day 🙂


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