Nuke ’Em and God Will Bless You

This article is reprinted with permission from The author is Laurence M. Vance. “My God, what have we done?” ~ Robert Lewis, co-pilot of the Enola Gay Americans love anniversaries, and especially of horrific events. Every year at this time we are reminded that the atomic bombs the United States dropped on Hiroshima on … Read more »

How Much Do You Want To Keep Your Guns?

This ties in with my earlier post. This article is written by L. Neil Smith and can be found at Would you agree to permit adults to buy, sell, read, write, make, listen to, or watch whatever books, magazines, records, tapes, or movies they want, no matter how pornographic — if they agreed to … Read more »

Hello world!

Well hello there. I’ve gone and done it; I’ve started another blog. Again. Yes, I know. But this one has a purpose: This is to be my “personal” space. It’s where I can play. It’s where I can mess around. And it’s where I can rant. Of course you’re familiar with the world-famous de oppresso … Read more »