A FreeBSD sysadmin’s adventure with Debian

It’s been an interesting week-plus.

I’m very much a FreeBSD guy. I know it. Like the back of my hand. I can control it. I can make it purr like a kitten (or a Ferrari).

Debian, I’m familiar with. But of all the Linux out there, I’m the most comfortable with it.

So I’m using it on my VPS.

I used to run a FreeBSD server out of my house. But I no longer live in a house, and therefore, no longer run a server. The apartment is much too small for the noisy thing. But I sure do miss it.

Anyways, I’ve been getting this Debian system set up for about a week now. And what an adventure it’s been.

I drive a 5 speed car (with crank windows, no less) for a reason. It’s not that I’m a control freak, but I like having control over my driving experience. It’s the same with my operating system. I want that level of control over it. And I got that with FreeBSD. I’m still working on getting it with Debian.

I’m sure I’ll get there soon enough. It’ll just take some time, as with anything.

The most recent issue I’ve run into is figuring out log rotation. In FreeBSD, I set some options in newsyslog.conf, and everything worked great. I’m learning it’s not so easy in Debian. Is syslogd rotating the logs, or is ‘logrotate’?

Anyways, just a short rant.

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