Living in the Abideness of The Dude

DudeVinciNow many of the people reading this may not be a Dudeist or even know what Dudeism is. That’s okay. Me and the other Dudeists in the world are willing to teach you. But remember that each Dudeist has their own style and their own preference of how to follow the The Dude Way. So it is good for you to get different ideas of what Dudeism is and then find the path that you feel more comfortable with. You are free to use many or just one path of Dudeism, your choice or you can come up with a new path that works best for you and then you can teach it to others, so that they can grow spiritually as well.

And if you are not interested in being a Dudeist then that’s okay too. Just apply your own spiritual path here and use any ideas that I have that you find useful in helping you to achieve the spiritual peace that you are seeking.

When you walk the spiritual path of Dudeism, you are representing yourself as a Dudeist not only to those who know you but to all others that you will meet in your journey throughout life. When they watch The Big Lebowski, after meeting you they will be able to watch the movie from a new perspective. Because they were able to meet The Dude, You, in real life. And that will effect their new perceptions of what they are able to learn from the film. And any spiritual awakening that they may have after watching that film will be from the seed that you planted in their soul. So becareful and act wisely and responsibly for you are guiding the next generation of Dudeists. So the foundations that you create will set the standard for Dudeists in the centuries to come.

Uh, sorry if I just put a bunch of weight and pressure on your shoulders, that wasn’t my intention. But being the first generation of followers in a new religion is never easy. Even though that religious philosophy, Taoism, has been around forever, but interpreting it in a new way can be tough. So please be patient with me if I ramble on a bit.

Here I go:

As Dudeists we realize that this is such a complex and Wonderful Universe that we live in. It is large and moving at an incredibly fast pace. With no intention of ever slowing down anytime soon. So no matter where you are in the world and no matter how fast the world is moving around you, we Dudeists know that it is possible to live simply if we just slow down and take things at an easy and relaxed pace. We know that we, not only as Dudeists, but as human beings as a whole, need to stop rushing around.  For there is always something to learn from each other regardless of where your path has taken you or whatever path that may be. Because your path to your experience of the Abiding Calm of Dudeness is yours and it is because that each Dudeist is unique that there is always something to learn and to gain from each other. As Dudeists, we know that people throughout life are comparing, judging each other over cars, clothes, jobs, size of their bank accounts, power, social status and other things that really in the end mean nothing and that they are allowing their emotions, their desires and their need to please others to control their actions and reactions and thereby they stumble and fall along the path to their spiritual awakening. They are doing this basically because they are not slowing down to enjoy and appreciate the beauties and wonders of life and the Universe around us all.

So as a Dudeist, when you choose to slow down, relax and live simply through following your own Path of The Dude Way, you will notice that previous resentments, grudges, conflicts and stresses will eventually dissolve. But this is a choice. You have to choose constantly, each and every day. How you feel, think, act and speak is your choice and therefore your responsibility.

So embrace living purely and honestly through Dudeism and in time you will be able to say good-bye to your negative thoughts and actions. Your experience through living purely and honestly through following Dudeism will inspire you to continue to bring light and energy to share with the rest of the world. Living simply will bring you to many wonderful and unforgettable experiences.

When you are happy your mind is in a state of Abiding Calm which matches the wholesomeness of your heart. For eventually it will become a heart that is clear of delusions and corrupted thoughts. This Abiding Calm of the mind is an aim that many reach for and they do succeed but only after many hardships and hard lessons that have to be learned in order to understand – to come to the Abiding Calm of their understanding their own Dudeness. During the moments of facing the hardest of adversities is when you need to remain grounded and believe with your heart and mind that all will come together and be as it should. All of your spiritual practices need to also be done with a clear and a calm mind. The more you clear and relax your mind, the more happy and free you will become.

As the world becomes so filled with chaotic and materialistic people, it is still important to maintain the integrity of your own inner Dude. Your life has a purpose and that is to be all that you can by living in a Clam and Relaxed way. For when you are peaceful in your life those who know you will want that for themselves and by your example you will be able to bring some order to the chaos that has become their life. Yes there are challenges and through those challenges are lessons but through them is great wisdom and knowledge that can be shared with others. Each of you has something of your own inner Dude to share. And through sharing that aspect of your Dudeness with each other we will all grow together as humanity.

Have you ever noticed the people who live simply through embracing their inner Dude, that they are – Happy. They have accepted all that they are right here and now in this and in each moment. They also know there is more and they greet each and every day and person that they meet with grace and enthusiasm as each new experience brings them the opportunity to learn something new, make a friend, and to renew hope and faith and so much more. I suggest that you immerse yourself in your journey for The Dude that exists within you. I know there will be days when you don’t want to get up, we all have those but you have to try to get up anyway. Then greet the day with a smile and cleanse away any lingering shadows from your spirit. You want peace and we all do. So then you must open the door to your spiritual temple that is within your heart and begin your journey again along the Path of The Dude Way.

Well that’s all for now. Until next time.

Though feel free to read the other things that I wrote on Dudeism.

I hope that this and those other writings can help you to find and wake up The Dude that I know that exists within you.

And as always: Abide.

This post was written by Nelson Templar and can be seen publicly here.

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