Update on the Minimal Web Progression

Here’s an update on the progress of moving to the minimal web philosophy:


The text of an article, including headline


A good-sized, readable font


A column width optimal for reading

I believe I have this down, though, it may be a bit too wide. I’ll play with narrowing it some going forward, however, I believe this is done.

Perhaps the name of the site for context, and minimal navigation in case the reader wants to find other articles

The name of the site is gone entirely from the page (save for in the title on your browser). Navigation is in place, and fades out when it’s not in focus to avoid distracting you from the content.







This I still have, and likely won’t get rid of in the foreseeable future.



Sharing Buttons

I retain the email link.


I won’t be removing comments. Ever. Sorry.

Multiple pages/slides per article


Facebook or other social widgets


A widget showing recent comments or tweets


Tags or related posts

Tags stay, no related posts display.

Syndicated content widgets taking them to other sites so you’ll get money


Something screaming for the reader to sign up for your newsletter

I don’t even have a newsletter!


Minimal images (none, or only the most necessary)

I like images, so each post usually has one. I try to make them as little distracting as possible.

The logo of the site in CSS-styled text, not an image

This site has no logo (but does have a favicon)

Small page weight

Done (homepage is 6KB)

Short urls (without .php, .asp, .aspx, .html, dates, categories or other items in the url)

New posts have this. I have not gone back through all my old posts and modified their permalink (and I don’t have any plans to at this time).

Grade: 16/20

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