The 10 Day Mental Diet Challenge – Day 1 – Take 2

Good things come to people who wait, but...Alright, so today is take 2 of day 1 in the 10 day mental diet challenge. How did I do?

Well, let’s just say that my second attempt at day one went much better.

I’m happy to say, there will be a day 2 tomorrow!

Now I’ll admit, it got a little hairy today. We ate at Wendy’s (since I had my daughter for a couple of hours after school) and it seemed like the guy working the counter had a bit of an attitude. I started thinking negatively, but once I became aware of it, I was quickly able to change my state and move myself out of that line of thinking.

So, it’s on to day two. Wish me luck!

Are you following along on this challenge? Let me know how your day went below.


1 thought on “The 10 Day Mental Diet Challenge – Day 1 – Take 2”

  1. Day2 was definitely better. I forced myself to do the things that I was trying to avoid. And I will continue to do that today as well!


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