Changes to Billing for

When it comes to billing for, you know what you get. It’s a pay for what you use deal, and the charges are out there in the open.

That said, it’s not exactly fair to bill in whole pennies. That’s right, I said pennies. You see, it’s entirely possible to end up with a fraction of a cent. Now, in certain cases the system was rounding up to the nearest penny. In the long run, that doesn’t sound like much. But technically, it’s not really fair.

So, I’ve increased the precision that the math is done in from 2 to 6 decimal places. While this may not sound like much, it’s actually quite a bit of change!

I’ve made code modifications to all systems to honor the new precision (as well as make back-end table changes to the database to allow for the higher precision account balances).

And, of course, I’m still (slowly) working on the new customer dashboard. In fact, these changes were a part of that. Look forward to the roll-out in the next few months!

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