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de oppresso liber is a commentary and alternative news website that I started a few months ago. From the about page:

What the heck does the name of this website, “de oppresso liber” mean? Well, plain and simply put, it’s a Latin phrase. From the Wikipedia article:

De oppresso liber is the motto of the United States Army Special Forces.

It is US Army tradition that the phrase is Latin for “[to free from oppression]” or “[to liberate the oppressed]“.

Liber means not “to free” but simply the adjective “free”, which, in the masculine singular form here used, may be interpreted as a noun, meaning “a free man”; while “oppressus” is not “oppression” but “overwhelmed, overthrown, overpowered, crushed.” As it stands, the phrase might be translated “Out of the overthrown man, (comes/is made) the free man.” (The structure resembles that of the motto “E pluribus unum”: “Out of many, one.”) Other translations, just as viable: “From a man caught, a man free,” and “From the man seized, a man free.”

I am a veteran, but not of Special Forces. I just want to make that clear to everyone.

The idea behind this website is to liberate your mind (vestram liberate mentem) from the constant propaganda blitz you get daily from the mainstream media, your government, even your own friends and family.

Without trying to sound too “conspiracy theorist,” there is a hidden agenda behind just about everything. Most people recognize that to an extent. If you simply believe that everything is done out of benevolence, then you’re misinformed.

I would recommend for you to question everything. Another favorite Latin phrase of mine is “cui bono” – To whose benefit? Everything done benefits somebody. Find out who that is, and you begin to see a picture of the truth.

And for my last Latin lesson of the day, I leave you with dulce bellum inexpertis – war is sweet to those who have never experienced it. As a veteran, I can say hoc est verum – this is true.

So, enjoy the website. Contribute to it by commenting on the stories that are written, or perhaps even writing for it.

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