Nine Powerful Life Lessons From Studying with a Monk

By Robert Piper When I was 18 years old, I suffered from anxiety and stomach problems. A compassionate physician and practicing Buddhist referred me to a Taoist monk who specialized in meditation and martial arts. I ended up healing myself of anxiety and stomach issues by doing meditation, and went on a great journey of self-discovery. Here are … Read more »

Anathapindikovada Sutta: Advice to A Dying Man

Here I have included two versions. Anathapindikovada Sutta: Advice to A Dying Man (excerpt) translated from the Pali by Andrew Olendzki © 2006 Translator’s note: This systematic exploration of the phenomenal field of human experience is a powerful exercise in non-attachment. No need to wait until lying on your death bed to undertake it. Put … Read more »