Haiku 3 – 6 May 2013

The dog shit again I really hope he’s ok I should cook some rice Today it’s raining For that is the true teaching Right here, in the now How do you know when The world will come to an end? Why does it matter? Here I am sitting Just writing some things down here Why …

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Haiku 1 – 2 May 2013

A fan is blowing The dog exits to the deck Now he is crying Right now its snowing I can’t fucking believe it This has got to stop Someone talks far off The tapping of a keyboard Me and my Mala It is dead quiet Quite odd for an office space What am I doing?

Aneuch 0.10 Released

Version 0.10 of Aneuch has been released. You can find its release page at http://aneuch.myunixhost.com/Version_0_10 This is an “alpha” release. Features Markup engine (Constantly evolving) Editing Full revision history Diff display between revisions Plugin support Theme support RecentChanges Discussion pages Search Preview changes while editing Store per-page diffs in each archive file


Aneuch (pronounced uh–nookh and means “enough”) is a wiki engine written in PERL. It is a single PERL script, and it uses your filesystem rather than a database. You can find out a whole lot more on its project page: http://aneuch.myunixhost.com/. Here’s a screenshot:

Log files and you

Like a good sysadmin, I’ve been lazy. But not in a good way. Thus far, anyone on MyUnixHost.com has not been able to see their log files. Which hasn’t yet been a problem, so I hadn’t felt the need to solve it just yet. Until tonight. Well, and some of yesterday too. Yesterday, I wrote …

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